The Story Behind UNITTS

UNITTS is an innovative company that is technology driven and prides in its ability to deliver topnotch services in engineering, oil and gas and several other advanced project needs. UNITTS was established by three different industry professionals, and has continuously brought in creative approaches towards the delivery of exceptional services for several companies, We have our headquarters at Takoradi Ghana- from where we oversee every project that we handle, irrespective of the geographical location.

Also, gaining experience on a global level, we are capable of handling projects in any part of the world, utilizing our significant level of relationship with several global companies in the delivery of world-class results. We value the need to be pacesetters in the delivery of computer-based systems and other technology applications that would enable our clients to achieve more result and expand their businesses.


The affiliation we have with several reputable institutions- as seen on our “Affiliations and partnership” page, is a testament to the effort we put towards providing quality services. The need to follow international best practices is also emphasized and evident in the work that we deliver. Our professionals are certified in different fields, enabling them to stand out from their contemporaries and also possess the industry experience that would aid an excellent result for every task handled. More so, we have a steadfast love for regular skills update among our professional team. We take the required step needed to familiarize with the trends available in the engineering industry, just as we always work towards making a difference regarding every project that we handle.


We work closely with companies that value the importance of technology in the achievement of increased productivity and revenue. Providing adequate plans and designs for several installations is considered to be a vital aspect of the service that we offer. Our services are tailored to service the need of every client, so we provide bespoke plans and implementation strategies that would address the specific needs of companies.

Our cost-effective strategy combines with a professional touch that seeks after the success of our clients. We understand the value of delivering an excellent result, as we seek after a long-term collaboration with our clients. An invaluable advantage is made available to our clients, as they can quickly focus on other essential business duties and allow us to handle other critical areas that are vital towards the growth of their businesses.